Spirit of the Wakatipu

Award Criteria


As part of the partnership between the Wakatipu Community Foundation and Queenstown Lakes District Council the award judging criteria has incorporated the QLDC Vision Beyond 2050 values into each award category to help define not only the contributions that have been made by those who will be our nominees but also the way in which nominees are contributing to those values we hold to as a community and what will continue to define us in the future.

The Spirit of Education Award

Recognising those making outstanding contributions to learning in the Wakatipu

  • Providing educational opportunities for all

  • Encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation and technological advancement

  • Educating our community and visitors alike about our unique environment, our history and our special places

  • Building resilience within our community through knowledge

  • Sharing our stories, our places and ourselves

Health and Wellbeing Award

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Sport and Recreation Award


Recognising those committed and dedicated to enriching the lives of those in the Wakatipu through sport and active recreation 

  • Supporting healthy lifestyles through provision of sport and leisure activities

  • Supporting diversity and inclusion within sport and recreation

  • Championing access, participation, leadership and community connection

  • Inspiring and empowering sporting success in the Wakatipu

  • Making positive impacts on children, young people and whanau through sport and recreation

Recognising contributions to the health and wellbeing of our community

  • Provision of support and services in health, activity and wellbeing

  • Helping ensure the health and wellbeing of all those in the Wakatipu

  • Recognising and supporting the unique health and wellbeing challenges of different cultures and groups within our community

  • Provision of health and wellbeing education

  • Contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of all those who call the Wakatipu home

Arts and Culture Award

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Recognising those who make a significant contribution to the arts and culture in our community

  • Supporting the development of our creative community

  • Providing access and opportunity for all to participate, enjoy and celebrate the arts

  • Inspiring and empowering individuals and groups to reach their creative and artistic potential

  • Celebrating our unique history and embracing our Maori Culture

Spirit of Resilience Award


Recognising those who care and those who come to our aid whenever the call is made

  • Helping our people stand tall through any challenge

  • Caring for whanau, neighbours and visitors alike

  • Strengthening disaster resilience and keeping our community safe

  • Provision of emergency / first response services

Senior Support Award

Recognising those individuals, groups and organisations making a positive difference in the lives of the Wakatipu’s seniors

  • Promoting and supporting senior health, activity and wellbeing

  • Building a sense of belonging and inclusion for the senior community within the Wakatipu

Environment and Sustainability Award

Recognising contributions to environment

  • Helping protect and restore the Wakatipu environment, flora and fauna

  • Encouraging our people and our visitors to respect our environment

  • Providing and ensuring open and safe access to our rivers, lakes and mountains

  • Provision of healthy, sustainable, locally-sourced homes and buildings

  • Encouraging, empowering and exemplifying a zero-waste philosophy

  • Adoption of environmentally transformative business processes

Youth Impact Award

Recognising contributions to youth services

  • Provision of support and services in health, education and wellbeing for our youths

  • Providing opportunities for our youths to grow and shine

  • Empowering youth to achieve success and live healthy productive lives

Spirit of the Community Award

Recognising community champions who exemplify serving community before self

  • Contributing to a thriving people and welcoming community

  • Creating awareness and support for community groups, projects and initiatives

  • Raising and/or providing funds for community programmes, equipment and facilities

  • Showcasing our community and local accomplishments

  • Building the fabric and togetherness of the Wakatipu

Corporate Citizen Award

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Recognising organisations dedicated to making the Wakatipu a smarter, safer, healthier and more sustainable place

  • Leading the way in diversity, organisational transparency, caring for staff and contributing to the community in a positive way

  • Contributions, initiatives and undertakings that focus on the protection and restoration of our environment

  • Providing philanthropic support in the community and for community initiatives/programmes in areas such as education, sport, arts and culture, emergency services, seniors, community development

Rising Star Award

Recognising youth (under 20yr) making positive change in the Wakatipu

  • Showing passion for and commitment to the Wakatipu

  • Leading the charge, innovating and creating solutions for the betterment of environment

  • Making a positive difference in our community by leading others as a positive role model

  • Protecting and/or promoting health and wellbeing at a community, group or individual level

  • Advocating for inclusivity and diversity

  • Committing time and energy to volunteering

  • Making positive change in their lives and inspiring peers in a positive way

Social Impact Innovator Award

Recognising contributions to growing giving and social impact

  • Developing new programmes in social enterprise, impact investing, or philanthropy

  • Encouraging and supporting innovative ideas and new approaches to bring about positive change in society.

  • Finding solutions by innovating ideas to reshape communities through innovated programs, policies, and disrupting the landscape to offer solutions to bring us all forward to a more equitable and inclusive tomorrow

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