We provide a range of philanthropic services, tailored to each individual donor.  From managing and consolidating your annual giving, to enabling you to leave a gift in your will for lasting legacy.  We make it easy for you to impact the community you love, now and forever.  You don’t have to be wealthy to make a difference. Large or small, one-off or ongoing, all giving can impact the place you love most.  

Donor Guide


Your gift. Your say.

We have different ways you can give

and donations of any size are welcome.

You choose who, what and how your giving benefits.

Endowment (Legacy) Funds

We make it easy for you to impact the community you love, now and forever.

Our smarter giving model sets us apart from other charities. With us, your generosity can have impact for many, many years.

These Legacy Funds can either be wills-based or living and giving.  One of our donors puts in $200 a month (the price of a coffee a day!) into their fund.  What works the best for you in your giving.

Donations can be invested so they can grow and become long-term reliable funding streams.

It’s the income your giving earns that is distributed to worthy, local causes every year; the original gift itself remains protected so it can continue to benefit your chosen causes in your community well into the future.

Giving Circles

When individuals pool their charitable dollars and focus on key issues, their impact can be far greater than individual gifts. A giving circle's relationships with specific charities create a deeper level of involvement for donors and the nonprofits they support. Create your own or join one of ours!

Visit our Impact100 Fund page or if you are a student at Wakatipu High School, join our Generation Give team!  If you are an employer, consider implementing a Workplace Giving programme.

Resettling Trusts

Resettling with Wakatipu Community Foundation is an easy and effective option for Trusts that have become too much work to manage, or that are now dormant and no longer fulfilling its objectives.

Trustees may be looking to wind up a Trust and leave its endowment in professional hands. They may be looking to outsource part or all of their grant making. Or the cost of ongoing administration and responsbility of overseeing investments may have become too burdensome.

We are delighted to work with advisors and Trustees to create a tailored solution to support charitable, family, and corporate Trusts to continue their charitable purposes for generations to come.

Annual Giving

An Annual Giving fund is like a charitable checking account. The fund provides a conduit through which charitable contributions flow towards a specific project, program, or area of interest. This pass-through fund offers philanthropists the opportunity to give directly to one or several charitable organisations, using all available funds. The fund is not considered an endowment fund, nor are contributions to it invested in the Wakatipu Community Foundation’s balanced portfolio. The fund is short term and distributions may be made upon request up to the full balance of the fund. A pass-through fund enables you to have your annual giving consolidated in one annual report.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving provides a strategic structure to implement corporate social responsibility by getting all levels of a business involved in contributions and decision-making.  

Workplace Giving is a simple, effective and voluntary scheme which allows employees to make donations directly from their pay to the Wakatipu Community Foundation. This is a simple way to support your local community.

Employees receive an immediate tax credit for their donations instead of having to retain their receipts and wait until the end of the tax year to claim their rebate.


Wakatipu Community Foundation is a registered charity in New Zealand CC55258.

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Leave Your Local Legacy

When you’re ready, here’s how we can help you:

  • Determine what you most love and care about in your community and showing you how you could support and impact causes that matter to you

  • Providing information on giving strategies

  • Connecting you with local causes, programmes or charities doing good work in your community

  • Tailoring a plan of how you would like your money to be used

  • Simplifying the process by managing all administration, investments and distributing the income – you get to say where your gift goes, which is the best bit!