Wakatipu Impact100 Grant Guidelines

Impact100 Wakatipu Vision

  • Impact100 Wakatipu will allow community organisations to achieve a high-impact philanthropic goal that they have dreamed of, but can only achieve through the support of a significant grant.

  • Impact100 Wakatipu draws women together in collective philanthropic purpose, to apply their passion and strengths in support of our unique community through such grants. 

  • Using funds contributed by members, Impact100 will give one high-impact grant of $100,000 each year to a community organisation. 

Grant Process

  • Expression of Interest form to be submitted online link here by 20th July 2020.

  • Expressions of interest will be checked by the Impact100 Grants Committee against eligibility criteria. Eligible applicants will then be asked to submit a full application.

  • Full Application form to be submitted to jennifer@wakatipucommunityfoundation.org by 15th September 2020. Budget, plans and costs estimates must be included with the application form as well as the latest available Financial Report for the applicant orgarnisation

  • Applications will be shortlisted by Impact100 Grants Committee.

  • The shortlisted applications will be requested to present at a formal occasion where all Impact100 members will be present and will complete the process of voting on the applications.

Eligibility Criteria

Organisations applying for Impact100 Wakatipu grants must:

  • Be operating in the Wakatipu Basin, bounded by and including Kingston, Glenorchy, Skippers, Arrowtown, and Gibbston Valley.

  • Be one of the following type of organisation:

  • An incorporated society 

  • An incorporated charitable trust.

  • A company with charitable purposes that is registered with the Charities Services.

  • A non-profit organisation established under the Local Government Act 2002, Maori Trust Boards Act 1955 or Education Act 1989.

  • Both successful and unsuccessful organisations may apply for an Impact100 grant in a subsequent year.

Grant Criteria

Organisations may apply for funds to support:

  • Program costs (including seed funding for pilot programs) – ‘Programs’ are defined as a component of the broader work provided by an organisation, generally with a specific targeted impact; for example a family support organisation may provide a parenting through separation program.

  • Operational costs – These are core, on-going costs incurred by an organisation no matter what service is being delivered, e.g. staff salaries, administration, utilities, rent.

  • Projects – these are defined as time bound, one-off activities that have a specific budget; e.g. new or upgraded facilities, events, equipment, research, strategic planning, capacity development.

  • Social Enterprise - An organisation that is registered as a charity, with a public benefit as its purpose may apply for a social enterprise project. Social enterprise projects refer to where charitable organisations set up a commercial venture that will support its social goals and move towards sustainability. Funds raised can be used for operational costs, but not taken as private profit.  


Grant applications must outline the future financial viability of the program or project and identify where on-going funding is being, or will be, sourced.


Grant applications must provide benefit in one or more of the following sectors:


  • Arts and Culture – the promotion of cultural awareness and participation in the arts for the purposes of learning. 

  • Lifewide Learning – promotion of educational initiatives that encourage learning at all stages, and in all contexts of life.

  • Community Health and Wellbeing – includes public health, emergency response, social services, mental health, strengthening families, elder care and Maori, Pasifika and other ethnic support services. 

  • Community Recreation – engaging people of all ages in activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Heritage and Environment – promotion, preservation and enhancement of the physical and historical uniqueness of the region.


  • Support of individuals, including scholarships (organisations offering scholarship programmes will be considered).

  • Activities or infrastructure that are the core function of local and central government; e.g. school class rooms, civil infrastructure. 

  • Activities that are solely commercially driven.

  • Political organisations, advocacy and lobby groups.

  • Retrospective projects or costs.Repayment of debt.

  • The GST component of a project for organisations registered for GST.

  • Sponsorships or naming rights.

Application Assessment

In assessing proposals the following will be taken into account:

  • Depth and breadth of impact, including reach into the community, cultural and gender diversity, and improvement in people’s lives.

  • Enhancement or extension of current initiatives that may not otherwise occur without one-off high impact support.

  • How the proposed approach is innovative in the context of solving the identified problem.

  • Differentiation from services provided by other organisations.

  • Partnership/collaboration with other organisations.

  • Programs with cross-sectoral impact.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Grant funds must be used for the purposes specified in the grant application.

  • Any organisation receiving an Impact100 grant will be required to report back on the use of the funds. Reporting formats and timelines will be provided to the successful application based on the type of grant and will include a request for financial records.

  • Grant funds will be distributed in agreement with the successful organisation (outlined in the Grant Agreement) based on the grant type and timeline.

  • Recipient organisations must acknowledge Impact100 grants as ‘supporting’ rather than ‘sponsoring’ activities in publicity. Any use of Impact100 branding by recipient organisations must be approved by the grants committee chair prior to any release of material.

  • Recipient organisations agree to participating in Impact100 promotional campaigns by request and with approval e.g. sharing images, success stories and results.

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