The Wakatipu Community Foundation is supported and endorsed by:

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Promote Philanthropy by helping donors meet their charitable goals and meet the community’s greatest needs.

By providing bespoke options for giving, the Foundation provides donors with many options that cater to their passions and interests. The Foundation will capture and communicate information on community issues and on our local charitable organisations leading local programmes and projects.  As a donor advised Foundation, we bring to life our donors’ wishes, supporting the projects and causes they are passionate about. Through this approach, the Foundation fosters a culture of giving and increase charitable investments in our community.



Engage and collaborate with community partners to identify creative solutions to current challenges and deepen our knowledge of the region.

Community Foundations pursue broad, place-based missions and are designed to attract and grow substantial grant dollars.  A Community Foundation is seen as an objective source for philanthropy with a reputation for assembling expertise around pressing issues.  These traits make the Community Foundation an ideal facilitator to appraise community values and to lead the philanthropic charge in addressing our region’s shared priorities.  By fostering relationships with community and nonprofit leaders and increasing our grantmakng, we aim to make a substantial impact on vital community issues.



While each Donor Fund is separately monitored and accounted for with personalised quarterly donor reports,  the capital of each Fund is combined with all other Funds to achieve economies of scale.

Prudent stewardship of funds is our guiding principle and priority. We manage our philanthropic assets with due regard to preservation and growth of principal and management of risk to provide a long-term source of funding that effectively serves fund holders and nonprofits alike.

In pursuing this strategy, the Foundation relies on the professional judgment of its investment advisors with local oversight by a by a knowledgeable and experienced Investment Committee.

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