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Community Foundations provide a smarter way to give so your donation can go further and forever within the community you love. ​


Your donation can be invested and grown, with the income it generates funding local causes year on year. It’s a simple, effective and long-lasting way for your generosity to support our community's needs and impact long-term change. ​


Better still, you can choose who benefits from your gift when you give through our smarter giving model.

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Our Giving Model

It’s actually quite easy to positively change your community forever. Through your local Community Foundation, your giving can go much further towards supporting what you truly care about.

Our smarter giving model can turn your donation into an invested fund that is protected and preserved. As it grows over time the income it earns creates a reliable, long-term funding stream to support your community year on year.

Better still, you can choose how to give and who benefits. Community Foundations are unique like that; we’re totally guided by our donors’ wishes. Not focused on one single cause, we’re for a place and its people. Simply tell us what matters to you in the region you care about and we’ll make sure that’s who/what benefits; or entrust us with making sure your contribution helps the most pressing local needs.


It’s the simplest yet most effective way to influence the things you care about most in your chosen community. In just the last five years alone over $20 million has been granted to New Zealand communities and there’s over $130 million under managed endowment funds. This means the original gift is always protected so the good it can do goes on well into the future.

You don’t have to be wealthy to have an impact. Whether it’s a large or small gift, a one off or regular contribution, all giving makes a difference through our smarter giving model. 

Community Foundations have been growing across New Zealand since 2003 but the concept of pooling and investing charitable donations for the good of a local area has been a growing global movement for over a hundred years now.

We love where we live. And we know there are lots of other caring Kiwis just like us, passionate about transforming their communities. That’s why we’re here. Supported by our partners, The Tindall Foundation and Craig’s Investment Partners Limited, our aim is for every New Zealander to be able to affect lasting change wherever their home or heart may be. 

Everlasting generosity made easy. 

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We make it easy for you to impact the community you love, now and forever. 


With our Give While You Live programme, you can make a one-off donation or regular contributions to an existing fund that’s been set up to achieve good, in the long-term. One-off donations can also begin to build your own Named Endowment Fund.  


Or you can choose to leave a gift in your will to causes close to your heart. The gift can be a percentage of your estate or a specified sum. It is entirely your choice.

Legacy Funds



Anyone can give and all giving makes a difference.


Our mission is to grow local philanthropy and part of that mission is to support initiatives that empower all to support local causes.  From giving circles, such as Impact100, to workplace giving, to Generation Give, we provide the structure for these programmes to introduce or develop more local giving to wide array of individuals.


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We’re passionate about the place we live.


Established by our ambassador, Kaye Parker, the Greatest Needs Fund....

Greatest Needs

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