Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving provides a strategic structure to implement corporate social responsibility by getting all levels of a business involved in contributions and decision-making.  Our Workplace Giving programme helps Wakatipu employers and employees better understand community needs.

Why Workplace Giving?

•  Simple, Effective, Voluntary

•. Collaborative, not individual

•. Builds a connection to the local community

•. Establishes a common purpose with your colleagues

•. It’s fun!

Benefits for Employers

•  Solidifies connections between your company, your employees and the community

•  Builds a different kind of pride in the workplace

•  Unites employees in working towards a common goal

•  Since the focus is on participation, rather than amount, it ensures everyone can contribute—as they are able, when they are able

•  Allows a fund to grow quickly since the contributions are bundled

•  Encourages a deeper understanding of needs in the local community

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Workplace Giving