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Our Initiatives 


Our Initiatives

Collaborative & Innovative Programmes to Grow Local Philanthropy


100 Women x $1000 = $100,000 transformational local grant. Impact100 Wakatipu is based on a successful model founded in the USA.


We recruit members whom each contribute $1,000 to the Grant Fund per year. We then make transformative grants to charities working to benefit the Wakatipu area.  


Registered charities falling within our mandate are invited to submit a grant proposal. After a rigorous selection process, the finalists make a presentation - to the full membership who vote to award the grants. The winner receives a grant of $100,000. 

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Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving provides a strategic structure to implement corporate social responsibility by getting all levels of a business involved in contributions and decision-making.  Our Workplace Giving programme helps Wakatipu employers and employees better understand community needs.

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Generation Give provides authentic opportunities for young people to develop skills and knowledge that will make them better students and citizens in the present and increases the chances that they will continue to play active roles in the community in the future.


Youth philanthropy programmes have a lasting effect on young people and adults involved in them. They push organisations, community residents, and decision-makers to change the way they perceive and interact with youth — providing a view of youth as positive contributors and caring members of the community.

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Spirit of the Wakatipu

The Spirit of the Wakatipu Awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate those individuals, organisations, groups and corporate entities who put their hand up and contribute in a philanthropic way to the Wakatipu community and who hold true to the values that collectively define what is unique about the place we call home. 2021 Gala will be held November 27, 2021. 

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Give back and get back

It’s now easier than ever to get back your tax credit on charitable giving. So, find a cause close to your heart and close to home through your local Community Foundation, and we’ll walk you through our smarter giving model and how to get your tax credit back.

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Meaningful Christmas

Gifting a donation to a regional Community Foundation on behalf of your family, friends, colleagues or clients provides something of real value. Your gift can make a difference in your community where it is needed most, building long-term resilience for your local community.

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Wills month September

September is Wills Month, a good reminder of the importance of having a will and keeping it current. If you’re considering leaving a gift in your will, we can help you make yours a lasting legacy for our community. With our smarter giving model, your gift can be continuously invested to grow and transform our community making it a better place for many future generations.