The Wakatipu Community Foundation builds endowment funds that benefit all aspects of our community, today and tomorrow.  We are joining a global movement that matches community aspirations with philanthropic intent to create a local force for good. International and local examples have shown that a well-organised and carefully run community foundation makes a positive and lasting impact on the town, city or region in which it operates.

Introducing a unique way to give.

With Community Foundations, you don’t have to be wealthy to have an impact. Whether it’s a large or small gift, a one off or regular contribution, all giving makes a difference through us. Our smarter giving model allows your giving to have benefits that last forever.

We’re different because we’re not about one single cause; we’re about a place and its people. Through us you can choose which significant local projects and causes to invest in to help transform our community.

Based on a well-established, globally successful model, the network has been growing in New Zealand since 2003. Community Foundations are independent, not-for-profit organisations found in most regions across

the country.

We run a lean model so we can keep fees low, and we are governed entirely by volunteer boards.

You can choose who, what, and how your giving benefits.

Community Foundations are local organisations with deep roots in our local areas who can ensure your giving
is influencing the causes you care about most. Whether it’s the arts, education, environment, health, sports, heritage, youth development, te ao Māori or another cause close to your heart, we can work with you to find a way to give that works for you.

We make it easy for you to impact the community you love, now and forever.

Our smarter giving model sets us apart from other charities. With us, your generosity can have impact for many, many years.

Here’s how it works

Donations can be invested so they can grow and become long-term reliable funding streams.
It’s the income your giving earns that is distributed to worthy, local causes every year; the original gift itself remains protected so it can continue to benefit your chosen causes in your community well into the future.

Wakatipu Community Foundation is a registered charity in New Zealand CC55258.

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Leave Your Local Legacy

When you’re ready, here’s how we can help you:

  • Determine what you most love and care about in your community and showing you how you could support and impact causes that matter to you

  • Providing information on giving strategies

  • Connecting you with local causes, programmes or charities doing good work in your community

  • Tailoring a plan of how you would like your money to be used

  • Simplifying the process by managing all administration, investments and distributing the income – you get to say where your gift goes, which is the best bit!