For you and your family, the Wakatipu Community Foundation has a range of easy, efficient and effective giving options. With our knowledge, reach and expertise, we help maximise the impact you can make.

Learn about philanthropy with us. We can design a bespoke giving programme that brings to life your values and is structured exactly the way you want.

You can start small and build up a fund over time. Once you reach $25,000 (or we can work with you for alternative levels depending upon your giving plan) you can begin grant making, or keep building it up.

With a bequest or donation of more than $25,000, you can get started straight away and name the fund after your family or a loved one.

Every size of donation is welcome at the Wakatipu Community Foundation. We use our knowledge of what is happening in the Wakatipu Basin community, to ensure grants go where they are most needed and will have the biggest impact.

Leaving a gift in your will – a bequest – is a popular way to give. Consider 10% of your estate – an amount your other beneficiaries won’t miss. Bequests come in all sizes and forms, and we also welcome assets other than money.


You may simply like to use the Wakatipu Community Foundation to manage your charitable donations, tapping into our expertise on the area and grant making, and allowing you to remain anonymous if you so wish. We can undertake research in a cause you are interested in and inform your giving plan.



We provide a range of options for established or new foundations. You might be considering outsourcing part or all of your grant making, or putting your endowment in professional hands and getting it off your balance sheet. We are the ideal place to resettle trusts that have become dormant, or have become too much work to actively manage.

We support a variety of partners in these ways, through resettlement, project work, or by providing a tailored package where you can benefit from our knowledge, reach and expertise. You may have an established strategy and be seeking help with the implementation. You may be reviewing plans and seeking advice on where to focus future support. Or with concerns about sustainability, you may be looking to wind up your trust and find a guardian of the assets to continue to fulfil its objectives.

Either way, the Wakatipu Community Foundation has a range of flexible options suited to your circumstances and has partnered with a range of organisations including not-for-profits, private trusts and major grant makers such as The Tindall Foundation, to meet these needs.



Collective Giving is the coming together of individuals or foundations to jointly fund social change. In addition to the benefits of networking and peer support, the ability to scale up the impact of each individual’s contribution is incredibly powerful. Giving together with others can be a lot of fun and hugely rewarding.

Collective Giving is a great introduction to the world of philanthropy, with participation in some models starting at $100. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the field, engage in discussion about critical social issues, and get to intimately know the not-for-profits the group supports. At the same time, donors know their funds are going much further than they might do alone, through the leverage of the group.  Consider this for a special celebration and watch your fund grow together.

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