When individuals pool their charitable dollars and focus on key issues, their impact can be far greater than individual gifts. A giving circle's relationships with specific charities create a deeper level of involvement for donors and the nonprofits they support. Create your own or join one of ours!  Giving Circles are one of the fastest growing forms of philanthropy in the world.  

Visit our Impact100 Fund page or if you are a student at Wakatipu High School, join our Generation Give team!  If you are an employer, consider implementing a Workplace Giving programme.

Give Together


The Wakatipu Community Foundation is about connecting people with causes that matter to them. We offer opportunities for donors to explore their common interests, pool resources and make a greater difference. Discover the power of giving together!  Start your own or join in with our existing giving circles:


Impact 100 Wakatipu


Impact 100 Wakatipu is a grassroots effort with a goal of changing the lives of women and their families. The strategy is simple: 100 women give $1,000 each to create a $100,000 grant to benefit a mutually-selected nonprofit. More than 100 women are welcome to join, however, and our impact will be that much greater!

Visit the Impact 100 page for more information 


Generation Give


Students in the YPNZ Generation Give programme work through a customised 20-week curriculum plan to prepare them for a professional and philanthropic future. Students get to learn about topics such as consensus building, decision making, marketing strategy and implementation, board governance, and non-profit governance. During the time students get to spend with the charities themselves, they will get the opportunity to work with the charities. This gives the students a unique opportunity to learn about individual charities in their local area, and how they are directly contributing to the communities they serve.

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has

— Margaret Mead

Wakatipu Community Foundation is a registered charity in New Zealand CC55258.

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Leave Your Local Legacy

When you’re ready, here’s how we can help you:

  • Determine what you most love and care about in your community and showing you how you could support and impact causes that matter to you

  • Providing information on giving strategies

  • Connecting you with local causes, programmes or charities doing good work in your community

  • Tailoring a plan of how you would like your money to be used

  • Simplifying the process by managing all administration, investments and distributing the income – you get to say where your gift goes, which is the best bit!