Wakatipu Generation Give Programme

Generation Give provides authentic opportunities for young people to develop skills and knowledge that will make them better students and citizens in the present and increases the chances that they will continue to play active roles in the community in the future. Youth philanthropy programmes have a lasting effect on young people and adults involved in them. They push organisations, community residents, and decision-makers to change the way they perceive and interact with youth — providing a view of youth as positive contributors and caring members of the community.

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Benefit for local charities

Benefit for local students


During the programme, Generation Give students will receive the opportunity to work hand in hand with local charities in their area. By participating in Generation Give, students will dedicate time volunteering at organisations that they might never have known existed, doing good work for their communities. Charities are also eligible to apply and are selected by the students for a grant, with $10,000 to be distributed by each student board per year! They also have the opportunity to spend time and learn from the students, gaining their critical, newfound expertise on operations, marketing, engagement, youth impact and involvement.

Students who participate in the YPNZ Generation Give programme will work through a customised 20-week curriculum plan to prepare them for a professional and philanthropic future. Students get to learn about topics such as consensus building, decision making, marketing strategy and implementation, board governance, and non-profit governance. During the time students get to spend with the charities themselves, they will get the opportunity to work with the charities. This gives the students a unique opportunity to learn about individual charities in their local area, and how they are directly contributing to the communities they serve.

Generation Give

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