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Whakatipu Youth  Golf  Development Fund

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The Whakatipu Youth Golf Development Fund aims to grow Junior Golf in the Whakatipu thanks to the Whakatipu Junior Golf Club Charitable Trust (WJGC) and the Wombles Golfing Society.

The Development Fund will be available for youth players aged between 5-18, and can be used for coaching, golf equipment, competition costs, travel costs or Futures Golf annual membership costs.

The original purpose of the WJGC to support youth golf in the Whakatipu was so successful it has been taken on by Golf NZ and rebranded as Futures Whakatipu, so the WJGC had accumulated funds that needed to be used.  In addition, the Wombles Golfing Society has been quietly raising money for Junior Golf over the past few years.  These funds are being pooled and will be used to make annual distributions via the Development Fund.

 The assessment of the applications will be handled by the trustees of the WJGC and a representative from Futures Whakatipu.

In the first instance, applications for the Development Fund open on 29th January and close on 13th February 2024, however in future years, there will be multiple funding rounds each year.

Award Amount:  Up to $10,000 per year

Maximum per recipient: $500 per year.

Number of Awards each year: Varies

Timeline and application process: 3 funding rounds each year.   Initial round 29 Jan -13 Feb 2024

Eligibility Requirements: Players aged 5-18 years who are members, or looking to be members, of Futures Golf. 


Interested in setting up a Scholarship Fund?

If setting up a Scholarship Fund is a legacy you would like to create please get in touch to see how easy it is to set up and manage through the Foundation. 

If you already have a Scholarship fund, but are finding meeting regulatory requirements a burden, talk to us about how we can help. 


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