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Wakatipu Community Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships are a wonderful way to support Wakatipu Youth who are already showing talent in their chosen field, or who may need a hand up to enable them to shine. It is a way for an individual, organisation or a community group to support future leaders, and grow a stronger community.  Scholarships can help grow diversity, skills, leadership, community wellbeing and culture.

The Wakatipu Community Foundation is well placed to manage your scholarship programme.  Funds are professionally managed and invested as per our Trust Deed and financial reporting requirements are already in place. We currently administer a number of scholarships, and would like to grow this to offer a broad range of support to our youth.

Kate Moetaua Foundation Scholarship

One of Kate's final wishes was that a foundation was set up to support talented people in the sporting and arts arena to encourage them to follow their dreams. The Kate Moetaua Foundation offers scholarships to Year 9-13 students annually, opening up opportunities they may otherwise not have.

Kate dedicated her life to teaching and influenced the lives of so many young people, opening their eyes to the world of performance helping them to gain confidence on and off the stage. Sadly Kate passed away from cancer at the young age of 45 in 2018 leaving her husband Teaukura (T) and three young girls Anika, Aya and Malia. The Kate Moetaua Foundation provides a wonderful opportunity for her children to carry on the work that their Mum started through distributing funds from the foundation to talented and aspiring young sports people and artists to help them achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential in these disciplines.

The scholarship will be awarded in November each year.

Donors wishing to donate to the Kate Moetaua Foundation can do so here

Award Amount:  Up to $3000 (maximum per recipient $1000)

Number of Awards each year: Varies

Timeline and application process: 1 August 1 -31 August 31 2023

Eligibility Requirements: Year 9-13 Whakatipu student achieving in arts or sports.

APPLICATIONS OPEN HERE on 1 August  2023  

Read more about previous scholarship recipients here

Arrowtown Autumn Festival Scholarship

The Arrowtown Autumn Festival Scholarship aims to recognize and reward Year 13 students who show a strong sense of Community involvement and leadership.  


The Autumn Festival is a not-for-profit Community event, and community participation is at the heart of their values.  The festival is all about involving people and bringing the community together. As part of their charter, any residual funds from the festival each year

are donated back to the community, and the Festival Committee have elected to use the funds to create a

scholarship for Wakatipu Youth.  The Scholarship is intended to help fund the recipients next phase of their

development,  such as costs associated with further study or vocational training.

The scholarship will be awarded in November each year. 


Donors wishing to contribute to the scholarship fund can donate at the Arrowtown Autumn Festival Website.


Award Amount:  $2500

Number of Awards each year: 2

Timeline and application process: 1 August - 31 August 2023

Eligibility Requirements: Year 13 Wakatipu High School Student


Read more about our previous scholarship recipients Marigold Kunath and  Megan McCulloch

Dipton School Brightstart Scholarship

P52076 CFNZ Pattern_Subdue.jpg
P52076 CFNZ Pattern_Subdue.jpg
P52076 CFNZ Pattern_Subdue.jpg





The Dipton School Brightstart Scholarship has been set up by a graduate of Dipton School  to encourage children at Dipton School to dream big from an early age. It aims to encourage students to set and achieve aspirational goals.  It will assist students develop the skills, values and attitudes that will help them succeed in their academic, sporting, cultural or community pursuits.


Award Amount:  Up to $1000

Number of Awards each year: 2

Timeline and application process: 1 April to 8 May 2023

Eligibility Requirements: Dipton School student aged 10 or over

This scholarship has now closed for 2023.


The 2022 scholarships were awarded to Year 8 students Leo Cameron and Natalie Russell.

The 2023 scholarships were awarded to Year 8 students Olivia Chrystall and Mae Lagan.

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Interested in setting up a Scholarship Fund?

If setting up a Scholarship Fund is a legacy you would like to create click on the document below to see how easy it is to set up. If you already have a Scholarship fund, but are finding meeting regulatory requirements a burden, talk to us about how we can help.


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Interested in Applying?

If you are applying and have questions about the applications  drop us a line here

or check out our Scholarship Information for Applicants doc which might have the answers for you.



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