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Wills Month


Wills Month

September is Wills Month, a good reminder of the importance of having a will and keeping it current. If you’re considering leaving a gift in your will, we can help you make yours a lasting legacy for our community. With our smarter giving model, your gift can be continuously invested to grow and transform our community making it a better place for many future generations.

Wills Information Pack

The  Positive Power of a Will

Much of our lives are spent raising families, building careers, and preparing for retirement. We all want to make a difference in the
world and be remembered fondly. Are you building a legacy that aligns with what you value you most?

A legacy of provision. Research indicates that nearly half of all New Zealander's do not have a will, and many of those that do it may not be up to date. An up-to-date estate plan not only prepares for good use of your resources, it also establishes a plan to ensure that your loved ones are provided for and that any minor children will be raised by the guardian of your choosing. Your legacy can provide protection, provision, and peace.

A legacy of love. Many people are incorporating the idea of an "ethical will" into their estate planning. An ethical will passes along
the riches of the heart. Personal letters, special family stories, affirmation of love, and your own life stories make an ethical will a
rich and enduring gift.

A legacy of generosity. What causes and organizations have you felt connected to throughout your life? Would you consider leaving
them a gift in your will? Planning a legacy gift to a cause you feel passionate about is a powerful way to communicate what matters
to you. You might even inspire loved ones to think about how they may practice generosity in their own lives too.


Contact us to find out more about how you can build a powerful legacy.

Our Wills Month Resources

If it's your first time, making a will can seem quite daunting. But they can be very straightforward. Our Wills Information Guide takes you through what you need to consider, and questions to answer. Download the guide, work your way through and then make an appointment with your lawyer.

Will Information Pack 

 "Your Path of Philanthropy" Workbook

September  2023 Campaign 

Add the Wakatipu Community Foundation to your new or existing will with our partner law firms. Also, with new trust laws coming into effect, it is a good time to visit with your professional advisors to see if the Wakatipu Community Foundation can assist with the resettling of your trust.


We invest and protect donations so they can grow and earn income that supports our community, for good. We make it easy for you to impact the community you love, now and forever. 

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