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Impact100 Wakatipu

The overall mission of the Wakatipu Community Foundation is to grow local philanthropy.  The Impact100 model fits perfectly within that mission. As a giving circle with collective decision making, Impact100 is designed to empower women to see themselves as philanthropists and overcome the barriers women have historically faced in this arena. The grants are designed for transformational grant-making within local communities, with a minimum grant size of $100,000.  We are the umbrella organisation for this initiative which is was founded by one of our Trustees, Kristen Holtzman.


At Least 100 Women Come Together

Each Woman

Donates $1,000

$100,000 is donated

to a Local Charity

Focus Areas

This model provides nonprofit organizations with grants in increments of $100,000 across five main focus areas:


Arts & Culture


Community Recreation


Community Health and Wellbeing


Heritage and Environment

Lifewide Learning

How it Works

Impact100 Wakatipu seeks to benefit communities of the Wakatipu Basin by annually awarding at least one high-impact grant to fund innovative, meaningful projects. The concept is simple:

  • The annual $1,000 donations of Impact100 Wakatipu supporters fund the grants. The number and size of grants given is dependent on the number of supporters. The goal is to give incremental grants of $100,000 each year to a non-profit organisation serving the Wakatipu Basin.

  • All women over the age of 16 are eligible to become supporters and can and renew annually.

  • Nonprofits are eligible to apply for a grant in one of our five focus areas. The project must predominantly serve the Wakatipu Basin.

  • Supporters of Impact100 Wakatipu may choose to volunteer to serve on committees that evaluate the grants and select a finalist in each area.

  • Finalists are chosen and a representative of each of the finalists gives a brief presentation of the agency’s proposal at the annual meeting of Impact100 Wakatipu. All the Impact100 Wakatipu supporters vote to select the grant recipient(s).

  • Recipient agencies are given 24 months to complete their projects. Funds are disbursed as programs are implemented.

Our Impact

Within 4 years, $698,500 has been raised through Impact100 and donated to local organisations. 

Our 2020 $100,000 Grant Winner was Living Options with $5,000 going to each of the four

remaining finalists, Baby Box Charitable Trust, Turn Up the Music Trust,

Wastebusters and St Johns. 

In 2021 with $200,000 raised, there were 2 significant grants made of $100,000 to

Pivotal Point Charitable Trust and $85,000 to Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust. 

The remaining 3 finalists received $5000 each who were Central Lakes Family Centre,

Southern Wellbeing Trust and  Kiwi Kit Community Trust and Volunteer Central Lakes


Our 2022 we raised $168,0000 and our grant winners were The Order of St John Wakatipu

who received $168,000 to purchase a new wheelchair accessible Health Shuttle which will

also be used for their Elderly Friendship drive programme.

The other five finalists received $5000 each and were Youth Search and Rescue (YSAR),

Te Atamira, Life Education Trust Heartland Otago and Turn Up the Music Trust.

in 2023 with 208 supporters and some extra fundraising we granted $210,500 with two

$100,000 grants going to Kiwi Harvest and The Lakes District Museum.  The three runner

ups who were Queenstown Trails Trust, The Lightfoot Initiative and the Southern Sanctuary

recieved $3500 each.

Impact100 is now taking registrations and donations for its 2024 grant cycle until 30th April 2024. 

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