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13 Dec 2023

Local artist and craftsman Ed Cruikshank has created a new fund to support the creative arts in the Whakatipu

Ed Cruikshank is an internationally known bespoke furniture designer and more recently, an artist who is using metals, wood and braille to convey messages of love, understanding and community.

Long known for his timeless and long lasting furniture, he is now creating a lasting legacy by creating a new creative arts fund in the Whakatipu.

“I’ve always seen my work as something that is created to endure between generations, and building a legacy fund mirrors the intent of my work.”  

Ed deeply believes in the power of connection and community, and wanted to create a legacy in his adopted home of Queenstown.  His approach to life is that we all have a choice to make about what we are given, and has been wanting to do something for the arts locally for some time, but was unsure of how to go about it.

After a conversation with Wakatipu Community Foundation CEO, Jennifer Belmont, the Ed Cruikshank Creative Arts Fund was created, and Ed has committed to donate a percentage of sales from his art works “Weapons of Mass Connection” to create a fund for the Arts, focusing on creativity and design. 

“I want to foster creativity and design in our community, though art scholarships and funding new or existing initiatives via local art organisations.”

Creating the art works has been a journey that differs from designing furniture. Behind the visual elements, Ed has had to use written words to express himself, and then learn to translate his words to braille. Crafted from the materials of traditional firearms, they are created for the polar opposite reason to invite conversation about human connection, understanding and peace.   

He is looking forward to seeing what the impact of his contribution will be to the arts in the Whakatipu.

To view Ed’s work and understand the translation behind each piece,  head to

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