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Our Investment Approach

Investment Strategy

Donations to the Wakatipu Community Foundation are pooled and invested in perpetuity so that they can grow over time. This means they can contribute to the community forever.

While the funds are pooled for investment purposes, each donor fund is tracked, recorded and reported individually.

Returns on the investment are used to make distributions to the local community, in accordance with the donors wishes.

We take the guardianship of the funds that our donors entrust to us very seriously.

Our Investment Committee

Between them, our committee have vast experience in managing and investing funds worth billions. 


Chair: Ray Key

Ray has

Simon Flood:

Joan Kiernan

Our Investment Objectives

We aim to preserve the value of the fund with the goal of maintaining the real value over time. 

We aim to

  • generate sufficient return withing the fund on a rolling annual basis to cover the administration expenses of the Wakatipu Community Foundation and the Investment Manager

  • Contribute to the operating expenses of the Foundation

  • Provide sufficient long term returns to enable the Foundations charitable distributions

The expected long-term gross return of the fund, based on asset allocation is  xx% While this will not be achieved every year, this is the target on a rolling year on year basis.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is undertaken in a way that reflects the Foundations Investment objectives and a corresponding risk profile.

Insert allocation table

Investment Management and Performance

The Fund is currently managed by Craigs Investment Partners, under the authority of the Wakatipu Community Foundation Investment Committee. This means all investment decisions must be approved by the Investment Committee, who are appointed by the WCF Board of Trustees. Investment decisions made by the Investment Committee ensure adherance to WCF

investment policy.

Our portfolio has grown from our first fund in XX 2018 to more than $4M in 2024. Over the past 5 years, our portfolio has seen an annualised gross rate of return of xx %, while the annualised net return is XX %. 

More information on our annual fund performance can be found in our Annual Reports.  

Responsible Investing



Impact Reports
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